Following an automobile accident, there is a lot of confusion that may occur, because of the complexity of everything that is needed or required of you.  Besides damage to your car, filling out required accident reports if the damage to your car is over a certain dollar amount, you are also having to deal with pains associated with the injury itself.

The day of the accident, you may have quite a bit of discomfort immediately following the accident.  However, there are many times when victims of the accident only feel, “some” pains in the neck, back arms or legs.  The amount of adrenaline that streams through our bodies following an accident can tend to mask the severity of the injuries that a person may have sustained during the accident.  Many accident victims go to the Hospital Emergency Rooms, following an accident, with “some” pains.  However, the accident victims are usually instructed to monitor themselves, because the discomfort from the injuries that they have sustained is likely to get worse.

What you need to know about your injury:

You don’t need health insurance or a M.D. referral to see a Chiropractor following an auto accident.

Whether you are the driver or passenger there is $15,000 worth of medical benefits allowed up to one year after the accident which can be directly billed to the auto insurance company.

Your insurance rates will not increase because you use your medical benefits. The rates may increase if you get into multiple auto accidents in a short period of time due to a liability factor but not due to usage of your benefits.

Even minor accidents can result in major problems. Studies show that there is little connection between the amount of vehicle damage and the related bodily injury. Whiplash injuries can occur in low speed accidents and permanent injuries have been noted in crashes of less than 5 mph.

Waiting to get care makes it harder to heal! It is critical that you get the correct care as soon as possible. Healing begins quickly, muscles, ligaments and tendons begin healing within 3 weeks post injury. Waiting can make the injury more chronic, more painful and more difficult to correct.

When this happens, the real questions start:

  • “What do I do next?”
  • “Who can I go to, to help me with my injuries?”
  • “Where can I get the help I need to be sure that I have the right paperwork filled out?”
  • “Should I be talking to my Insurance company about the accident?”
  • “Should I be talking to the Insurance company of the person who hit me?”
  • “If the driver of the other car is uninsured, how do I get what I need taken care of?”
  • “What do I do with all of this complicated paperwork from the Insurance Company?”

Come to Bend Spinal Care!

We have 10+ years of experience assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries associated with automobile accidents.  We can help you with the paper work and we have answers to these and many other questions.  If we cannot answer a question, we can make recommendations for you to talk to others who can.  Ignoring the injury problems and not addressing them early can tend to make more long term unnecessary problems associated with your injuries.  The sooner that the problems are addressed the quicker the pains and other issues associated with the accident can be taken care of.

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